#AgainstStigma_Anonymous 1 copy
Anonymous #1. #AgainstStigma. Johannesburg, South Africa.


Stigma Too Much for #AgainstStigma? Please participate anonymously in writing.

I must say that I had absolutely no idea how great the stigma is re addiction and mental illness until I started my In Recovery: The Face of Addiction/Mental Illness.‪ #‎AgainstStigma‬ project. I’m getting quite a bit of feedback that people would love to participate, but that they too did not realise how insidious the stigma was. I’d like to ask that those of you who feel that they cannot participate in this project due to the stigma please inbox or email me (germainedelarch@gmail.com). I’d like to include your anonymous comments in this project in a piece I’ll be writing along with it.

The stigma says more about our society than it says about you and your courage, and contributing anonymously in this project is just as valuable as participating in the photography project. 


Anonymous #1. #AgainstStigma

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