Notes from The Edge: A few things I’ve learned from depression

A lot of my work and writing is about depression, and I’m in the process of writing a memoir about living through to the other side of it, while still living with it. But until, then a few things I’ve learned.

Having suffered from depression and ‘mental illness’, and having come out the other side, just a few things I’ve learned that might be helpful to those who feel it’s never going to get better:

1. It does. I’m living proof.

2. It never goes away, but you learn two things: everyone is insane in their own way, and, you learn to work around your limitations, but even better, learn to harness the extraordinary power and insight that it brings and learn to appreciate the fact that instead of making you a lesser human being, it makes you a greater one.

It doesn’t always feel like that. The trick is to always believe it. Suspension of disbelief. We do it all the time with superficial things in our lives. We just need to learn to do it with things that really matter.

Like with staying alive, and then living.


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