Pre-Top-Op Photo Exploration

I am privileged enough to know many of Joburg’s trans* community. And within that community I have the blessing of the friendship of Tyler. Without a doubt Tyler is the most driven, dedicated and passionate human being I know. In the face of daunting obstacles Tyler has not only successfully transitioned socially with friends and family, but has come out at work where he was known by another gender and another name. He has also, with superhuman-like strength, focused on transforming his body to the peak of its potential before top surgery, which is now only two days away. As another friend says, he is a light-filled human being, and seeing him this close to his goal is really a joy for everyone in his life, because no one has worked harder than he has.

Tyler, it was such an honour, privilege and pleasure to make these images of you pre-surgery with you. It was an important process for me too. I’m really, really happy and blessed that I can be part of your journey, dude. And seeing the happiness on your face when you looked at this photo and could see what you’re going to look like after the surgery: priceless. Thank YOU.

Tyler had this to say about the process: “There are few things more terrifying or rewarding than examining your own identity.Looking back at photos of my transition thus far is both painful & empowering. But I believe it can be such an important expression of truth; sometimes how we manifest in the world just doesn’t align with our Soul. It’s painful, as only a Soul-thing can be. But what magic it is to transform that manifestation to something that makes your Soul come alive!!! My top surgery is 2 days away. And today I asked Germaine to help me document this momentous step in my transition. Thank you so much Germaine. You are amazing!!! To making dreams come true, & to feeling alive. Magic is real. ‘There is no weapon more powerful than the human soul on fire’ #ftm #ftmAndProud #DreamPursuit #TopSurgery #HonestAndTrue “

Building Wings

Photos taken by the wonderful and talented Germaine de Larch.

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