And here’s to Making a Difference! #NB #GNC #trans* #rapeculture #correctiverape #SouthAfrica

So after a 15-year break from academia, I’ve decided to go back and finish my Masters. VERY excited! One of the reasons I left academia was because it was enabling me to hide from social interaction, so I’ve decided to combine my passion, my activism and the need to exercise my brain and I’ll be doing a gender studies-type MA and along with the course work, will focus on gender non-conformity inside and outside of South Africa’s transgender community. So my plans to make portraits with more trans*, GNC and NB folks will tie in with this nicely! Did I mention I’m excited?

And here’s one of the reasons why I decided to do a Masters on gender non-conformity in South Africa: (from one of South Africa’s greatest trans*/intersex* activists)

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.23.24


3 thoughts on “And here’s to Making a Difference! #NB #GNC #trans* #rapeculture #correctiverape #SouthAfrica

  1. All the best with the MA! Should be very interesting and enlightening. I hope your finished thesis gets uploaded to the university’s repository. Are you doing it through UNISA? SA needs more literature and research on transgender people – if only it would help with the hate and discrimination we have to endure.

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