The Bez Valley Project – Toni Morkel #TheBezValleyProject

The first post in #TheBezValleyProject, in collaboration with Ang Lloyd​, is up, starring … drumroll … Toni Morkel​! Follow the breadcrumb trail of stories on Jozi.Rediscovered.

In collaboration with Ang, we will be exploring our suburb, Bezuidenhout Valley: one of the oldest suburbs in Johannesburg. Together we will tell the stories of Bez Valley’s inhabitants, through words (Ang) and images (me). But it will not just be limited to the Valley; we will include people in surrounding areas, too. #TheBezValleyProject works under the premise that everyone has a story to tell, and, much like six degrees of separation, we are all connected by narrative.

Toni Morkel, Norwood, 2015

Toni Morkel, Norwood, 2015

For the full interview with Toni, and the first of many stories, go here.


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