First self-portrait in a long time #EmbodyBestSelfProject


I have not taken a self-portrait in a very, very long time. There’s something much more intimate, and frightening, about it, even for me who has taken a lot of self-portraits as part of my image-making practice over the years. It’s much more intense than a selfie with a cellphone. You have to be completely present, completely vulnerable. But today deserves a self-portrait. Because I’m feeling completely present and less vulnerable than I have ever felt. In fact, I’m feeling pretty bullet proof. 

When editing this shoot I almost didn’t post this, because it’s not Instagram filtered and maybe a bit too real. But then I realised, fuck it. This is me, and I’m so happy to be me right now.

My Embody Best Self Project is now in its third month, and after eating healthily and training, I have lost 9,8kgs, 14cms off bust, 12cms off waist and 12cms off hips. My fat % is down by 3,1% and muscle up by 1,4%. More importantly, I really feel that more and more each day I’m embodying my best self, and I’m inhabiting my body in a more real way than ever before.

Longer blog post to follow soon, I promise. #ProjectEmbodyBestSelf #pursuingandcreatingbestself #GForce #nopaleo


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