#beyondbinaries #4 Germaine @Life_Writ_Large (Me)

IMG_6629#beyondbinaries #4 Germaine (Self-portrait). Genderqueer, Trans, Transmasculine. Pronouns: She/He/They – Gender is supposed to be confusing. Graffiti by @joe_meazles.
Who are the people behind the hundreds of gender descriptor options on Facebook? What is the difference between trans and trans*?
“I am trans in that I identify as both genders, therefore literally ‘across’ both genders. I have never wanted to be a male. But I do not identify as a woman. I am both; I am neither; I am more. I am more than the sum of my parts. Genderqueer, for me, means that I am not in transition from one thing to another, transitioning between one state of being and another, between one gender and another. The thing, the being, the gender and its opposite do not exist for me. They never have. I am in a process of exploring the Queer, carnivalesque space I am excavating for myself that exists beyond the constructs of reality, identity and gender as binaries, dualities and stereotypes. I am adventuring through my fluid complexities, contradictions – allowing them to exist side by side, giving myself limitless and boundariless space to adventure through the infinite possibilities of being and experience.” – Germaine#beyondbinaries is a photodocumentary project focusing on the people behind these identities – gender non-conforming (GNC) peeps in South Africa. GNC people are a growing community in South Africa’s trans* population. Their gender is very different to transgender as they are neither of the binary genders, or a combination of both, or a highly personalised hybrid of genders on the gender spectrum (or even better, the gender constellation), emphasising the fact that there are more than two genders and that gender is less of a stable fact and more of a very personalised, fluid and performative journey.

There are as many different queer identities and terms as there are people in this community, with genderqueer (GQ), non-binary (NB) and GNC being just a few. As the identity is constantly transformative and without a destination, the language used to describe these people is constantly in flux and metamorphosing.
I’ll be collaboratively documenting this community in celebration of the art that is self-identification, the creativity that is diversity, a literal graffiti-ing over the walls of the conventional, in a country ravaged by gender violence based on difference.

Follow the #beyondbinaries project here and at http://www.germainedelarch.co.za/beyondbinaries
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