My transition doesn’t happen in a vacuum: Transitioning and my relationship with you

Something I need to put out there re my transition and my relationship with you, my Facebook and real life friends: I am utterly amazed at the support I’ve received, really. But/And I realise that this is not an easy thing for anyone in my life. I don’t live in a vacuum and this is not all about me, and being trans* is not something one wraps ones head around in a short amount of time. I realise that, like my partner who is going through a tough time and needs to readjust so much of herself and her thinking in relation to me changing, all of you, to some degree, have readjustments, discomforts, questions, hesitancies. 
Here’s the thing: I don’t want people walking on eggshells around me. I’m not choosing an authentic self in order to have inauthentic relationships. Also, I’m a big girlboy, and part of the deal of having an outspoken journey is dealing with people’s intentional and unintentional mis-steps and being open to answering questions and clarifying issues. I signed up for that and I will do that. 
I’m not expecting you to know all the terminology or not to say something thoughtless or offensive even. It’s a learning curve. So if you as my friend and from a place of respect are up to muddling through this guideline-less journey with me, then let’s do it. It’s not a one way thing. So I’m open to the voicing of any readjustments, discomforts and hesitancies in the form of questions, whether on public threads or inbox messages.


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