BEWARE: Hormone Blockers

Couldn’t agree more. Am going off hormone blockers for the same reason, and acne medication as well. If you are in a country, like South Africa, where healthcare is not well-versed in dealing with trans patients, please don’t take anything your doctor says at face value. Do your own research. Sad and scary and infuriating, but true.

Building Wings

Anyone who knows me knows that I hold a deep distrust towards doctors and Western medicine in general. I have had some really unpleasant experiences with doctors. As a result, I trust my own sense of what my body needs, and I trust my body’s ability to heal itself, and I trust that if something is amiss in my body, it is my body telling me I need to change something in my lifestyle. And while I maintain this is a good approach, I acknowledge that at times I do not seek help when, in hindsight, it may have worked out better.

But then something like this happens, and it just sows my distrust even deeper than ever before.

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