Medically Transitioning Is Not A Walk In The Park (Sometimes, It Actually Sucks).

So turns out I’m not alone in my experience at the intersection of being transgender on testosterone and living with mental illness. Transitioning is hard, regardless of your mental health background, and it’s important to be aware of the worst case scenarios as well as the dream stories.

Let's Queer Things Up!

If you follow me basically anywhere on social media (like this Facebook, that Facebook, my Twitter, or my recent fave, Instagram), you probably already know that my mental health has been garbage recently.

You may have also figured this out when I wrote my last blog entry about my friends helping me through some pretty scary depressive episodes.

What I’m saying, y’all, is that it’s an established fact that the universe is giving me a lot of shit lately (and you know, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to plug my social media #shameless).

I’ve been running back and forth between doctors, all of whom want to know why, after about two years of relative stability on my medication regimen and a life that I am really content with, I would suddenly be rapid cycling and spiraling down so quickly.

If I haven’t been locked in my bathroom…

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