Binding, dysphoria #translivesmatter

Buzzfeed video on binding

Trans awareness/education: CW – extreme dysphoria.Binding and wearing binders is a daily reality for many people and trans people. For those of us, like myself, waiting for top surgery, wearing a binder is what we have to do to get through the day. We need to do this because in most cases, top surgery is not government or medical aid funded, because it’s seen as a voluntary, cosmetic surgery. There is nothing voluntary about it. 
Wearing a binder is painful, restricting, hot and causes back and rib pain, and in some cases, permanent damage. Dysphoria is not optional. Top surgery shouldn’t be seen as such either. In South Africa, people have to save up R50-70k, or wait years, even decades for government surgery, as transgender health surgery is only allocated around 40 hours of theatre time a year. 

There are cases every year where people lose hope and try to remove their own breasts. I myself have been in dark spaces where how and when I would do it would run through my head. #TransLivesMatter. And governments and medical aids need to awaken to this reality.


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