How to: intramuscular T shot – thigh

I’ve been injecting myself with Depo T since my first once a week for 7 months. Just some pointers on #intramuscular #testosterone injections in the thigh, as I’ve seen some siblings on T with incorrect injection places and techniques. 

1. Sit down and place your leg straight out in front of you, relaxing the thigh muscles. 

2. Imagine your thigh with 4 quadrants – you’re going to inject in the upper, outer quadrant. 

3. Stretch the skin, don’t squish it up – that will ensure that you pierce, not pop the skin and it will ensure a deeper muscle injection. 

4. Make sure the area is disinfected with an alcohol swab. Hold the needle against the skin and then push it in, perpendicular (straight down, not at an angle) rather than stabbing – that’s way too nerve-wracking and you could injure yourself. 

5. Apply plaster and then massage the spot hard with a finger to break up the T and prevent hard lumps from forming.

6. Alternate thighs – inject in right thigh for one shot and left for next one, and so on.

I prefer thigh to ass as it’s easier to see what I’m doing and to ensure that the spot I’ve disinfected is the spot I’m injecting into. Please feel free to ask any questions.


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