Borderline Personality Disorder #againststigma

For those of you with a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnonsense: Join the BPD club along with me, a card-carrying member for 15 years – it has the best members! 
And honestly, all the diagnonsense did for me was to allow me to realise that, unlike others, I didn’t learn coping skills to deal with stress. So I’m gentler with myself in stressful situations. 
And the tick-box list of BPD characteristics simply, and thankfully, gave me a readymade guide on which areas to work on to recover. Gender identity disorder – sorted. I’m transgender and I don’t have a disorder, the psychiatric industry does. 

The rest – unticked the boxes over the last 15 years through self care, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and hard work and I can now say I’m a recovered BPD. #againststigma #fuckstigma #fuckpathologisation


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