Helpful blogs for non-binary trans men or masculine of centre folx

A collection of blogs helpful for non-binary, masculine of centre people (or as one of them says, which I like, non-binary trans men. I refer to myself as a non-binary trans guy):

  • AJ Ripley (Canada) – they write so beautifully and eloquently about a mostly wordless experience.
  • Sam Dylan Finch (America) – he’s very prolific and writes about mental health issues as well: Let’s Queer Things Up (wordpress blog and Facebook page),
  • Tiq Milan (America) writes from a trans man as feminist perspective
  • Neutrois Nonsense – a great non-binary blog which currently has guest writers from all over contributing pieces.

And then for the trans femmes:

  • Ray Stoeve – the tales and thoughts of an AFAB trans femme.



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