An apology, and a disclaimer

Just one last thing before I begin Operation Self Care: the video I made about the break up – I apologise for the hurt that this post caused.

The video, taken out of context, belies the fact that relationships are complex, and so are breakups. I speak about that here.

My reasons for sharing my life so publicly, which I have been doing for well over a decade, are deep-seated, complex and powerful; and I don’t need to justify myself or explain it. I do, however, have to take into account how it affects other people, and if it is hurting anyone, that’s not ok. And so I apologise. In positioning myself as a voice, my responsibility to the community of my sharing overshadowed my responsibility to those close to me, and I promise to learn from that.

But please always know: while I share more of myself than most would be comfortable sharing with others, that does not mean you know me or my relationships. At. All. What I share is always, and can never be otherwise, what I choose to share. It is always just the tip of the iceberg. Because everything is just the tip of the iceberg unless you have actually lived it. So while I share myself freely, the freedom is not yours to make assumptions, judgements or conclusions about me, my life, or my intentions.

Humbly yours, and away until further notice catching up on reading, writing and healing.


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