Top surgery update: Letter and hospital – JHB Gen (Charlotte Maxeke), Johannesburg

I got my letter from my HRT (testosterone)-prescribing Dr today referring me for top surgery.

I’ve contacted a Dr for top surgery (Dr Nietz) who works at Joburg Gen (Charlotte Maxeke) who works at the breast clinic. Their clinic day is on Friday. I’ll go this Friday and let you know what happens, but good news is that there is an alternative to Helen Joseph and Baragwanath in govt hospitals that do top surgery.

UPDATE – June/July 2016:

I went to the breast clinic I was referred to by Dr Paul Timp (HRT prescribing Doctor). The Dr there (Dr Nietz) is great and trans-friendly, but top surgery is done through the Plastic Surgery department.

I had to make an appointment with the Plastics department and come back on their clinic day. I saw the Dr, who was amazing and trans-friendly, at the next appointment and he referred me to the Finance Department to check on the price of the top surgery, as hospital policies had changed and he wanted me to know exactly how much I needed to pay. Finance told me R30,000 (I was self-employed at the time) because they see it as cosmetic and not medically necessary. I pleaded with the Finance people that this is a medically necessary and should be free or cheaper, and they said it “is hospital policy”.

I didn’t have R30,000 and had no way of saving it, so I decided to wait to go to Helen Joseph in the beginning of 2017, because a trans friend had his surgery at Helen Joseph within two weeks of starting the process and got his surgery for free. (See update of this process at Helen Joseph here).

It might be different at Charlotte Maxeke if you are unemployed, so check it out. The surgeons are among the best in the world and I have no issues recommending the hospital.



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