What is #fragilemasculinity?

What is fragile masculinity?

Fragile masculinity defines itself in opposition to femininity.

Fragile masculinity doesn’t cry, doesn’t wear pink, doesn’t see femininity as an integral part of personhood.

Fragile masculinity upholds manliness as the epitomy of not only manhood, but personhood.

Fragile masculinity uses ‘gay’ as its antithesis and womanhood as a swearword.

Fragile masculinity rigidly defines itself and does not allow for the possibility of experience outside of these narrow confines.

Fragile masculinity defines itself according to the lies and delusions of patriarchy, instead of recreating what masculinity means.

Fragile masculinity is afraid of feminism.

Fragile masculinity does everything in its power to cling to the delusion that a man can be defined, including abusing, raping and killing women.

Fragile masculinity defines itself in relation to others only through power over others.

Fragile masculinity is everything that’s wrong with the world.


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