Taking things slow when #datingwhiletrans

Date Night was great. And even more great because we’re taking it slowly, holding hands and blushing and giggling like teenagers. When you reach a certain age, near 40, you know what you don’t want from a relationship. And even more than that, you’re very certain what you do want, from the relationship and from the person. And you’re unwilling to settle for less. Taking it slow, and pleasure delaying ensures two things: that they are attracted to you, and not just your body, and that the endorphins and sex honeymoon don’t get in the way of your ability to see the warning signs. I’m so tired of ignoring the warning signs because I’m blinded by lust. Tired of having those warning signs come to fruition when the honeymoon is over. 
It’s also really great to take things slowly when #datingwhiletrans, because it respects the fact that you’re new at this – all these feelings and butterflies are new to you as your correctly gendered and embodied self, and respecting that you’re 13 in a 40-year old’s body, allowing you to enjoy the excitement, the butterflies, the joy of flirting and being flirted with, and the ability to have the time to fully explore your newfound sexuality as a trans person. #veryhappyboy


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