Top surgery update

I can’t. I just can’t. After waiting to see Doctor at Jhb Gen (Charlotte Maxeke) for  4 hours, told that the hospital is tricky with regards to seeing top surgery as cosmetic and therefore charge R30k. Told to go to finance to plead my case. With Finance, i.e. not a Doctor… Finance tells me the procedure is cosmetic, not medically necessary, oh, and have I had psychiatric assessment? And why don’t psychologist’s and testosterone-precribing GP’s letters say more than “he is transgender, suffers from gender dysphoria, has been in counselling for one year, has been on testosterone for 10 months, and needs surgery as a necessary part of transition”? I’m tired. So tired. All these uneducated, inhumane hoops.


7 thoughts on “Top surgery update

  1. How terrible. That’s wrong and I’m so sorry you were treated that way. You deserve to be comfortable in your body and determine what that means for you.

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