This guy right here needs your love, hugs and nurturing. I’m so fucking lonely and really struggling. The loneliness makes other self-care – especially my nutrition and weight, and doing what I’m passionate about, what makes me larger, more powerful – really, really difficult and I feel crushed under the weight of it.
There are three major things I’ve struggled with as long as I can remember: 
1. Loneliness.

2. My body (weight, dissociation from it)

3. My passion – doing whatever it is that makes me happy and that I’m passionate about.

And when those three things become a struggle at the same time, whatever it is that holds me back is fucking heavy, crushing, powerful, and impossible for me to overcome. 
One of those things, loneliness, I suspect, needs to be alleviated somewhat in order for me to be able to move on the other two things. And then, when I feel progress on the other two things, the loneliness becomes more manageable and I can work on the other two.
I will consciously focus on combatting the loneliness by asking for help and seeing people who are nurturing.


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