Trans male privilege and Feminism

It is SO important as a trans guy to distance myself from this toxic masculinity perpetuated in the name of feminism

Feminism is supporting women’s issues while not claiming them for yourself. Trans men like Buck Angel and all the trans men supporting him have to remember that his cisnormative, passing self will NEVER be victim to misogynistic abuse. Check your privilege.

This conversation is SO important for trans guys and masculine-presenting people: how to support women and femmes without falling back on toxic masculinity.

A friend of mine on Facebook was riding his bike and heard a male motorist catcall a woman. He sped up, came to a stop next to the motorist and said, “Don’t, just don’t.” And then as he sped off away from the motorist called out, “And who is the dude?!” In affirming his own masculinity he participated in toxic and fragile masculinity, trying to emasculate the motorist. This was completely unnecessary and completely undid his feminist calling out of the motorist’s sexism and violation of the woman.

In the same way, if Buck Angel had simply posted a supportive message in response to Trump’s misogyny, it would have been a supportive and feminist statement. Instead, he undid his good intentions by asserting his masculinity, disavowing the truth that he has the privilege of fighting back against abusers, whereas women and femmes don’t have that luxury.

Now I’m the first to insist that we as AFAB (assigned female at birth) people know misogyny from experience, and thus have a valid voice in feminist discourse. Many of us were socialised and seen as women for half, or 3/4s of our lives. I lived as a woman for 35 years, and no amount of testosterone can change or undo the misogyny and sexist-based violence I experienced. But, I am MUCH less likely to continue experiencing misogyny and sexist-based violence directed at me because I appear male. (Of course we can still be subjected to misogyny and violence because of our trans status by people who do not see us as men). And we need to be aware of this privilege in our feminism.

As trans guys and masculine-presenting people, we need to be hypervigilant of our own privilege, and in supporting women and femmes, or in being feminist ourselves, we need to steer clear of asserting our masculinity. And feminism for us includes, most importantly, calling out other men when they do this.


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