My mantra for 2017: JUST DO IT

My mantra for 2017 came to me in bed last night. I don’t know about you, but it’s always my best self that speaks to me at night before falling asleep – thinking about gym, clean eating, things I want to accomplish. 

And I always ignore it. Just like I did for most of 2016. I spent the year knowing exactly what I need to do to grow, to overcome depression, to better pursue and embody my potential: clean eating, training 5x a week, journalling, meditating and writing my book.

 I ignored each one of those things; only trained 3x per week and did none of the others, waiting for inspiration and motivation. 

So for 2017, I will no longer wait for the impetus to do those things. I will JUST DO IT (my mantra), however much I don’t want to, because just doing it will create its own impetus. 

I know where repeating bad habits gets me: nowhere, frustrated, unhealthy, depressed, self loathing. So imagine where repeating good habits will get me if I JUST DO IT. 


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