Easing into masculinity has enabled me to ease into femininity

I have had short hair for 95% of my life and even went bald for over a year. The bald photo was a self-portrait I took symbolising the blank slate my body was after coming out as genderqueer. 

My biggest reason for going on testosterone was the belief that it would make it easier and less uncomfortable for me to explore my femininity. And it has. In so many ways. 

In terms of my behaviour with others – owning my gentleness, sweetness and vulnerability – and in terms of my self expression – I’m so much more comfortable rocking long hair, which I’ve decided to continue to grow, and I know that once I have top surgery I will feel increasingly more comfortable wearing floral or more colourful clothing, or even rocking eyeliner or nail polish. 

Settling into yourself and your complexity is a wonderful feeling. #fucktoxicmasculinity #fuckfragilemasculinity #fuckgendernorms 


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