Crowdfunding for my top surgery

TOP SURGERY CROWDFUNDING: To those of you whom have asked me to create a crowdfunding platform: I have decided to let go of the drive to do this by myself, and am opening myself up to your support, love and willingness and need to help. I cannot do this alone. And I vow to take this lesson into my activism for the trans community by emphasising that help is always available, in many different forms, if help is asked for. As my friend Lesley said: “LET US HELP YOU. Fewer more powerful words in the world.”

I have debated about this, aware of my privilege in having a platform of so many supporters. And while I feel like I’m taking an ‘easier’ way out that most of my trans siblings don’t have the access to, this is about self care for me as an activist. This surgery will change my life and free me from the physical, and therefore social and emotional restraints my dysphoria and physical discomfort cause me. All I want and need for myself, is to be able to access the care I need so that I can continue with my life and focus on work, relationships and the other goals I have for my life, chief of which is being able to focus more on my calling to help and fight for other people in my community. (I’ve recorded a YouTube video about this debate that I’ll share soon).

Crowdfunding site: Germaine’s Top Surgery.

Deadline: 21 May.


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