Top surgery update: Jhb South Africa

TOP SURGERY AT HELEN JOSEPH UPDATE: The psychiatrist at the hospital has given the go ahead for top surgery! She says I’m the most well adapted person with mental illness she’s ever met and is recommending the surgery with absolute confidence that it’s necessary for my wellbeing. 
She is lovely, caring, explains everything, doesn’t condescend and is well versed in trans issues. Best experience through this entire process, besides my therapist, so far in healthcare as a trans person!
I’ll return to Plastic Surgeon next week and get date for surgery! Can’t take it in right now. More relieved than anything else. A relieved and muted, from emotional exhaustion from this whole rigmarole, YAY!
I’ll post here about the process to follow if you can afford the R21,000 at Helen Joseph in the next few days.


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