Mental health and the mind:body relationship

Sick. Not surprising, though. After the palpable relief of the end of the rollercoaster of emotions of the last few top surgery process weeks where my body was in constant fight or flight mode, exacerbated by the adrenal fatigue of the hypomania, my body has had enough.

I know myself and how things affect me well enough to know that stress, anxiety, agitation and extreme emotional turbulence is followed inevitably by my body saying “Enough! You didn’t rest enough or selfcare enough! I will now force you to do so.”

The body shuts down to look after the mind, just as the mind shuts down to look after the body. And I respect this process.

So grateful to have matured into this space of awareness of how I react to stress and how I need to deal with it, rather than feeling powerless over my mental health. #itgetsbetter #endthestigma


One thought on “Mental health and the mind:body relationship

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