Prep for postop: Top surgery



Top surgery prep:

  • Bio-Oil ✔️
  • Shea/Coconut Body Butter ✔️
  • Coconut oil (forgot in kitchen – raw cooking coconut oil fine) ✔️
  • Silicone strips (3M has GREAT varieties, including ones that don’t leave sticky residue!!! Not available in SA. Worth shipping in, though if choosing between compression and strips) ✔️
  • Compression: neoprene (best for returning blood circulation and healing) backbrace (available at Dischem, sports stores – avoid ones with hard splints/support that you can’t remove; buy size according to your above and below chest circumference). For best results, wear constantly for 4 weeks (apart from a few hours a day to apply oils, creams, etc. – massage for at least 20mins twice a day), and then for two weeks at night. Can buy front opening! surgical compression vest (online in SA), but not worth the R1000 for two months if backbrace does same job . ✔️
  • Bendy straws ✔️
  • Pillows ✔️
  • Bed buddy ✔️
  • ALL the protein ✔️

Not shown, because over-excited ADD:

  • Vitamin C (immune system and aids skin elasticity)
  • ALL the vitamin supplements
  • Button-up shirts (no lifting arms for 3-4 weeks)
  • Loose pants (difficulty pulling things up)

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For more info on surgery at Helen Joseph:


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