Trans Role Models #5 #Botswana @kkolkes

TRANS ROLE MODEL #5 The fifth trans role model is @katkkolkes. Kat Kai Kol-Kes. 

There are SO many trans community pages that celebrate trans people’s bodies, other pages that are shoutout pages based purely on physical popularity. While physical inspirations are important, our stories are more inspirational.

Kat Kai Kol-Kes is a transgender woman from Botswana, Africa. She is “a relentless Motswana, writer, international performing artist and general life beast”.

 Her work as a visible trans person in all that she does is inspiring, in a country (Botswana) and continent (Africa) where in most African countries, including Botswana, being gay is seen as a mortal sin, is illegal and is punishable by imprisonment, and in 10 African countries, punishable by death penalty, and has the highest rape and murder rates of gay people in the world. So you can just imagine what she has to face as a trans woman, where being MTF is misunderstood as being a gay man. Find Kat’s story here.

Your work is SO important, Kat, and your fearless and fearful visibility is seen. Love you, my African sibling.🦄🦄🦄

@transrolemodels’ FAVOURITE FOLLOWER FRIDAY #FFF Let’s make this a thing. It’s a Twitter thing, but SO necessary in the trans community. Let’s share our favourite and most inspiring trans siblings who inspire us not just physically, but because of who they are, the inspiring views and thoughts they share about being trans, and human. 💜💜💜Nominate your most inspiring trans role model by tagging @transrolemodels in a post of someone you find inspirational, and tell me why you’re nominating them and follow the page for more inspiring people in our community every Friday. #transrolemodels #transrevolutionary #revolutionisetrans #transgenderrolemodels #FFF #FavouriteFollowerFriday #trans #transgender #FTM #MTF #nonbinary #genderqueer #genderfluid #agender #intersectionality #TPOC #TMOC #TWOC #thisistransZA #transSA #transgenderAfrica #transgenderSouthAfrica #thisissouthafrica #transbotswana #botswana #transgenderbotswana 


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