Top surgery: #nonipplesclub #nonbinarytransition

18 Days away from top surgery and I’ve changed the image on my countdown app from the one at the bottom to the one at the top.

I will write a blog post about it – for me as part of my healing (writing for me = healing); not motivated by justifications, explanations or education/activism (writing for others = energy-sapping self-denial).

But I’ll only write the post when I have the spoons (energy) and when I’m ready to commit my emotional/spiritual certainty about this decision to paper, to affirm my personal feelings and be in the best mental/emotional/spiritual and therefore physical space for surgery.

What I will say now is: after re-remembering that my true self has no nipples, I dreamt about myself with a flat chest for the first time. The flat chest had no nipples and I woke up with a heart-expanding joy.

#selfcare #selflove #selfworth #boundaries #spoonie #spoonielife #selfactualization #selfaffirmation #thereisnorightwaytobetrans #teamnonipples #teamnonips #nonips #nonipples #nonipplesclub #nonbinarypride #nonbinarytopsurgery #transandproud #nonbinarytransition #topsurgery #topsurgeryprep #pursuingandcreatingbestself


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