VIDEO: Life & story-changing power of top surgery, even before the surgery

To make up for being a bad (yes, I hear the negative voice; working on that) Socialmedia-aholic and self-carer today, here’s some great news and self-care before I go to bed for more self-care. (Integral part of my self-care as writer – to be a wounded healer, not a traumatised healer: to write and post things for ME. And if I write and post things for you, balancing that quietens that “bad” critical voice). (That wounded/traumatised healer bit comes from a GREAT conversation I had with my dad today that I’ve been putting off. Will make a video about that soon). (And, obviously, part of that self-care as a professional over-thinker is to have post-it note reminders to think of / write about later instead of thousands of open browsers in my head).

New YouTube video up – Top surgery date: How it’s changed my past & present already, even before surgery, and how it’s changed my relationship to myself as trans and my relationship with dysphoria.
ALL GOOD NEWS! I also speak about depression, Bipolar II, self-care and my current nervous breakdown. But: YAY! Even through the fog the light is shining more brightly now, and I’m ready to claim the happiness I’ve denied myself for so long! 
#topsurgery #topsurgeryprep #dysphoria #nonbinary #nonbinarytransition #depression #BipolarII #selfcare #selfworth #selflove #boundaries #transisbeautiful #thereisnorightwaytobetrans #pursuingandcreatingbestself #nonips #teamnonipples #nonipplesclub #nonipples

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