Emotional Support Animals #invisibledisabilities

Emotional support animals: Even as a person with invisible disabilities, I was unaware of the extra special souls among the special souls that animals are called Emotional Support Animals.

 I first became aware of them a year or so ago when a sibling of mine from America introduced their support dog to social media. I was then reminded of it recently while watching The Good Wife where the very “eccentric” lawyer was allowed permission to enter the courtroom with his chihuahua, because it’s a law in some US states. This re-reminded me of how invisible disability awareness is stigmatised in relation to physical disability. 

It also allowed me to recognise and acknowledge this special soul here – Lily (Lilith de Larch). Lily is special in many ways, and they are literally my spirit animal. I say “they” because people never know their gender, and as I’ve come to know them better I’ve recognised them as genderless, like me. I should have known when I named them Lilith (the queer partner given to Adam before Eve – then rejected by Adam, and edited out of biblical history because Lilith refused to be The Good Wife). 

The way Lily blends into my robe/gown in this image symbolises our relationship, and how they are a manifestation of my emotional state. They not only show me more affection and silent comfort when silent comfort is all I can manage emotionally, but they embody the me (the inner child) I need to look after when I can’t look after myself. 

Having acknowledged that, I remind myself to monitor Lily’s moods and needs when I can’t work out what my moods and needs are. Lily reminds me to feed, rest and hug myself when they remind me insistently, in that special way Lily has of being extra cute, for their need for the same things. 

Lily is an Emotional Support Dog because they are an embodied soul of how I need to love myself and care for my self. Self-love, self-worth and self-care in a special furry soul sent to me by the universe. 

Thank you, Lily, for being the epitome of what I need even when I don’t know it. #gratitude #blessed #spoonbuddy #invisibledisability #endthestigma #emotionalsupportanimal 


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