11 Days before topsurgery: My selfcare & how you can help

11 Days before surgery. 

The logistics:

  • Admission on Monday 13th at 7am. Surgery on 14th. (Will only find out surgery time on 13th. Will only find out whether discharge is 14th or 15th at the post-surgery consult with Doc).
  • Recovery in bed for 1 week with limited movement.
  • Recovery for 3 weeks after with limited movement but can leave house for short periods.
  • Total recovery without full upper body mobility: 8 weeks (can go for park walks (yay!) after 2-3 weeks).🦄

What I need/ how you can help:

  • Spoon Theory – SUCH a great theory for everyone; helps me if you know what it is and what I mean when I say it and need it.
  • I have a wonderfully supportive housemate, but she also has work, life and own self-care needs; so friends welcome!
  • When I say healing gifts I mean ANYTHING that has the intention of love and whatever spirituality means to you. As an agnostic who believes in everything, but especially the power of belief/faith, healing gifts can be anything you see as healing from your spiritual/religious/atheist/pagan, Spoonie, etc. way of being human in an inhumane world.
  • I recognise that people support and love in infinite ways and if that means monetary, I’m trying really hard to own being worthy of that: PayPal – germainedelarch@yahoo.com (Germaine Moolman) or for South Africans: FNB, 60527229062, 250141 🦄
  • Reminder that I still don’t have a car  (delaying replacing car until I can drive; one less stress for now).
  • Reminder that this is not just surgery recovery but mental health recovery and that I struggle more with anxiety and anything stressful or overwhelming more during physical and mental recovery.
  • Reminder that I need to respond to texts, calls, etc. in my own time.
  • Reminder that I need gentleness, love, support – handholding, quietness, just being there.
  • Reminder that even if I don’t respond, it’s because I need healing, but I do value ALL forms of support and miss and love you, even if I don’t have the spoons to say it, and NOTHING I do or don’t do right now should be taken personally (in terms of social etiquette; not in asshole terms, so if I’m an asshole, gentle nudges are good and welcome).

Thank you ALL! 🦄💜

Finally being able to have your body reflect yourself is traumatic AND healing, and that’s ok! Nothing is ever all good or all bad. Life is shades of gray.

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