On retraining brain in crisis to function as a Spoonie in self-care mode

My brain right now, through training it (along with professional healers and meds) in self-care as a Spoonie mode: 

– post-it notes on mirrors, cupboards I use often, places I’ll definitely see it;

– exam pads of notes to keep more notes like to-do lists all in one place;

– phone alarms and event reminders; 

– and a Gmail archival system.

Each of these systems with priority settings on low, medium and high. For everything. 

From “eat” to “this much time on phone” to “buy this for surgery recovery” to “blog about this later” to “daily life admin like paying rent, buying groceries”. 
And it’s working. Self-care for me is all about this rather than a mind full of open internet browser windows.


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