Logistics for top surgery (in 5 days!), for those who’ve asked

  • Admission to Helen Joseph Hospital, Breast Ward in Auckland Park, Johannesburg at 7am on Monday the 13th. Spending the day and night there speaking to surgeon for first time about exact procedure, getting tests, etc.
  • Surgery on Tuesday the 14th. Will only know what time surgery is when I speak to Doc on Monday. Will update you on here or have housemate do it.
  • Depending on time of surgery, and my post-op state, I might have to spend night of 14th there. Will update you on here or have housemate do it.
  • Visiting times: 15:00-17:00, but nurses are lenient.
  • So I will be home on the evening of the 14th or at some stage on the 15th. Will update you on here or have housemate do it.
  • Once I’m home, Nurse Bianca (housemate), might be more strict about visiting times. But arrangements can be made.
  • And please don’t feel offended by copy and paste WhatsApps. Need to manage my need to rest and replying to supportive messages.

Now: Operation Rest, under strict Psychiatrist’s orders with the aid of meds. Because all the candle-lit bubble baths, yoga, meditation, positivity, therapy, NLP, incense, deep breathing, etc. in the world, is sometimes not enough. I can only breathe as deep as my chemical balance allows me. Sometimes self-care is psych medication. And sometimes self-care is more psych medication. And that’s ok.

Thank you again for all of your support. Status: sleeping.


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