The Gender Revolution will be documented: @CaptainCOZA & Sherene Hustler documenting my top surgery

Captain, My Captain, one of the coolest blogs in South Africa, named after a line from one of my top 10 movies and favourite poets, interviewed me a year ago about my gender journey. Now they’ll be following me into hospital and afterwards to document my top surgery. So humbled and excited to be part of this exciting awareness and education initiative.

Thank you, Captains – Jo (Jo Olivier) and Caro (Caroline Hillary)! So much love. The Captains will be joined by another photographer extraordinaire and friend, Sherene Hustler, as well as my own self-portraits and selfie (with a selfie stick bought especially for the occasion of not being able to lift heavy things or lift my arms).

Living life large, and documenting it all the way

Images above by Jo Olivier; Captain, My Captain; 2016; Kensington, Johannesburg

Images below by Sherene Hustler; Inner Eye Photography; 2013; Troyeville, Johannesburg


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