My re-birthday. Turning 3. Welcome Germaine Sanjaya Gabriel de Larch #topsurgery

Outward authenticity is never separate from inward authenticity.

Tomorrow is my re-birthday, my third. My second was in 2011 when I renamed myself de Larch, reclaiming my identity as an artist and the beginning of re-creating my self, rising from the ashes of an identity given to me by others.

My third re-birthday begins today: The age my niblings (twins) turn today. Tomorrow is the 1st birthday of a friend of mine’s baby, who happens to have one of the middle names I chose for myself.

Tomorrow I celebrate my second re-birthday – my third birthday, when the fucking up of Germaine and the taking of my shine began officially.

Tomorrow I celebrate many things, including the birthday of Germaine Sanjaya* Gabriel** de Larch, the unfucking of myself and the taking back of my shine.

Not: Not gay as in happy. Queer as in fuck you. Rather:
Not anger, alienation; but wholeness, human-ness in an unwhole, alienating world.

  • * Sanjaya: (name given to me by my Hindu friend). Sanjaya (Sanskrit: संजय, meaning “victory”) or Sanjaya Gavalgani is a character from the ancient Indian poetic epic Mahābhārata. Visionary, warrior of light, advisor.
  • ** Gabriel: “Gabriel (Hebrew: גַבְרִיאֵל) is a given name or surname derived from the Hebrew name ” Gabriel” meaning “God is my strength”, ‎”Able-bodied one of God”; or “messenger of God”‎.
  • Germaine” (given name, by father, after Germaine Greer) but after she turned into a rabid TERF – trans-exclusionary feminist, focusing more on the significance of St Germain. Germaine means, among other things, “observer” and is gender neutral.
  • de Larch” (chosen surname). Means, among other things, “participant”.

3 thoughts on “My re-birthday. Turning 3. Welcome Germaine Sanjaya Gabriel de Larch #topsurgery

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