Twas the night before removing xMass: Thank you ALL, thank you psych meds 

Shots throughout the day and video before bed: (All by me. Other photographers’ material to follow another day)

11am: Here! Going for blood tests, ECG and chest X-ray. Lovely female Dr – gendering me correctly – Dr Chauke doing my surgery. Around 10/10:30 tomorrow. So should be discharged tomorrow afternoon. The documentation will continue.

12am: The @captainmycaptainza team documenting my top surgery process. Caroline Hillary and Jo Olivier. The revolution will be documented. @carolinehillaryinjozi @joanneo

Courage. Hope. Love. #truestory Image on the entrance door to the Breast Ward.

Tagged. And yay! Gender reassignment, not “sex change”. Everyone’s lovely and respectful, and those who don’t know what transgender is genuinely want to know. Thankfully the sangoma reference in African culture is equivalent to the Caitlyn Jenner reference in Western culture, and much more representative and less problematic (Sangomas are traditional healers, embodying both masculine and feminine). I did get the “like Caster Semenya?” Hey, at least there’s intersex awareness. Trans awareness will continue to grow.

Trying out the new selfie stick (for documentation purposes and I will not be embarrassed). No TV, and can’t concentrate enough to read. And chocolate being brought so don’t dare nap in case I get caught in YouTubeable sleeping position. And note the purple curtains! Most auspicious!

Thank you, ALL, thank you psych meds: How I’m feeling: (20:23)




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