I did it! I made it to and through #topsurgery #SouthAfrica

I’m out and done, and it’s done! It’s done! 2-Hour surgery, 4kgs off chest. It’s done! Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Universe, me, ALL of you, including the 10 or so people observing or participating in the surgery, Dr K Chauke and the incredible theatre team and ward nursing staff).

(I will write about the stay in the hospital and the experience there soon).

Staying overnight. One of the drains is draining everywhere except into the bag. But all good, and more of distant aching pain than pain. No pain meds because

  • a) the double incision with no nipples top surgery (and short T-anchor, apparently) is just a MUCH easier and less painful surgery, which is true, but they still took 4kgs off my chest – literally and metaphorically a weight off, and/or
  • b) adrenaline and excitement, and/or
  • c) “I don’t feel pain, bro” toxic masculinity is helluva infectious.

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