2 Days after #topsurgery update #SouthAfrica #nonbinarytransition #teamnonipples

2 Days after surgery update: Bottom left – day of surgery with hospital provided compression tape. Pic on right from yesterday with neoprene back brace compression over white compression tape.

Surgeon very happy with the back brace as compression, so relieved to have spent R300 on compression from Dischem that I can use as back brace in future rather than over R1000 for “proper post-surgery compression vest I would only wear for two months. (Compression increases blood flow and healing).

Things around my neck and in my right hand are the drains stitched into end of incisions along pec line under my arms that I need to wear until next Thursday that drain excess blood and lymph fluid. As fun as it sounds.
So, how am I feeling? Still grinning, still zen, still very little pain. This is different for everyone but might be due in part to adrenalin and excitement, no nipple procedure and high pain tolerance. This might or might not get worse next week once adrenalin wears off. Only on Panado since surgery, and more as a precaution to be in selfcare mode and not overdo things. They did take 4kgs off my chest and it is major surgery, so need to take the Superman cape off for a while.

White compression just itching A LOT now. My skin and allergic reactions… Just need to rest more because I’m feeling so good I’m not lying down enough. And bed is set up perfectly for lying on back (a position I hate) for two months.
Will speak more about the weighted blanket with the word “Breathe” on it in another post. Rest, Germaine! (Thankfully psych meds knocking me out, so getting good quality sleep). Just need to start taking naps and sleeping later than 5:30am out of excitement to wake up.
Still catching up emotionally with physical changes. Mindfuck of epic proportions, with ALL the emotions at once. But it’s a process of reinhabiting, and doesn’t need to be rushed. #weightedblanket #topsurgeryrecovery #recovery #spoonie #nonbinarytopsurgery #teamnonipples


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