How to deal with trolls

HOW TO DEAL WITH TROLLS: This is a SERIOUS issue as this and other forms of bullying lead to so many suicides, especially in the trans population. Learning how to deal with them is important, literally to save our lives. Just Google, amongst many others Leelah Alcorn…

1. They’re bullies. Treat them like bullies.

2. Don’t get angry or argue; that’s what they want.

3. They will NEVER be persuaded by anything you have to say, so don’t bother.

4. Don’t take it personally. The troll sits under the internet bridge all day and searches for content to troll. It is NOT personal.

5. If you don’t argue or get angry, they don’t reply; or just ignore and block them and they don’t come back.

6. If you respond with love, their dick-swinging has failed and they have NO idea how to respond.

7. I then leave their comments up so that the transphobia we face is seen by cisgender people so that transgender rights are taken seriously.

Obviously there are Master Trolls who will continue to stalk and harrass you, even if you don’t respond and block them. #Instagram and #Facebook need to do something a bit less algorithm-based to protect us, because Master Trolls are physically dangerous and emotionally and psychologically abusive.

“When choking on chunks of reality, some puke ignorance” – Nonkululeko Godana,
in a review of Zanele Muholi‘s photography of black lesbians and gender non-conforming people.

But, in general, respond to hate with love. As the writer of Shantaram says: the opposite of love is not hate; it’s power. Respond with love, take your power back. 🌻🦄😁🕉

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