Weighted blankets for adults #SouthAfrica

Weighted blankets: Part of my self-care and recovery from sexual abuse, and for my anxiety, PTSD, autism-spectrum neurodivergence, etc. In South Africa, the ONLY healer making weighted blankets for adults and not just babies and children is Adele from Weighted Blankets South Africa. 
She is literally an angel. She is an autism ally and goes the extra mile for each client’s specific needs. They are handcrafted to your colour specifications and embroidery in a colour of your choosing with a word or name of your choosing. She ships locally and internationally. 
When I told her I wanted purple (my healing/spiritual colour), she went out of her way to find as many purple fabrics as she could. When I told her the embroidery needed to be in a yellow/orange – the solar plexus chakra where my sexual abuse healing needs to take place, she didn’t argue that it didn’t fit the colour scheme and went as far as sending me photos while she stood in the fabric store so that I could pick the specific yellow orange that spoke to me. 
It has changed my life as someone who feels unsafe in bed. Used to have to sleep under duvet in middle of summer, fully clothed, with a continental pillow on my legs.

 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! #weightedblanket #recovery #spoonie #autism #aspergers #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalillness #invisibledisability 


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