5 Days after #topsurgery: Physical & emotional progress #SouthAfrica

Day 5 after top surgery: Got a shirt without a button up or zip up front (mobility issues) over my head (gently). And feels AWE-SOME, if I have to put it into language, to see my chest in shirts I normally wear.
Even though I’m wearing the thick compression brace, I’m starting more and more to wrap my head around my transformed form. The difficulty of the drains (the black strappy things over my shoulders hold the hanging drains) is that with the compression, the drain bag straps and the heaviness of the drains, feels the same as a weight-filled bra (they took 4kgs off during the op) that I keep feeling the habitual need to adjust. Also experiencing the same upper back pain.
Pain is minimal – on Panado. Itching is the worst – not healing itchy, allergy to white tape compression itchy (cortisone cream here we come after Thursday) and not being able to shower sucks. Washing over a bowl with a face-cloth (loathe them!) And want to scratch my back up against a tree like a bear.
So it’s not all skipping through the daisies straight after the chest is removed. Still a lot to process, physically and mentally. I know that I’ll feel a lot more in touch with the new physical reality after they remove the white compression tape and drains on Thursday. Then the weight and straps will be gone, I’ll see my chest for first time, will be able to touch it (not the incisions, obvs) and FEEL and SEE the reality of it.
(Will have to wear the blue compression vest until a month after surgery, and some siblings even wear it for another month at night, after which we’re cleared for weight-lifting).
So, a few more days, but a HAPPY, if uncomfortable, camper.


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