9 Days after #topsurgery Seeing MY chest today for first time

Self-portrait, 2017

The Reveal today. See the chest, MY chest for the first time today (made a YouTube vid about it earlier).
Come what may, it’s my body by my design. Discussed with photographer documenting me yesterday whether being nonbinary and not looking like a cisgender or coverboy trans man isn’t harder than not transitioning at all.
My answer: life is hard; no one promised us any different. But a hard life being the you more YOUer than you is something I’ll choose over and over again over being the Germaine everyone thought I should and expected me to be.
My nipple-less chest, like my bald head 6 years ago at the beginning of this creation, not finding of self, is “the blank canvas from which I am creating my self, for my self, without allowing who I was am or think I should be to limit the infinite possibilities of who I can be. I am my greatest artwork. I am my life’s work.” #quotesbygermainesgabrieldelarch

“There are more things in heaven amd earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Shakespeare #beyondbinaries

Self-portrait, 2011

#topsurgery #nonbinarytopsurgery #nonbinarytransition #teamnonipples #thereisnorightwaytobetrans #thereisnorightwaytobenonbinary #thereisnorightwaytobehuman


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