Re The Big Reveal: #nofilter #topsurgery

#nofilter (Not just on the image). I know so many of you are as anxiously excited to see The Big Reveal as I was yesterday.
I’m just feeling very sad and lonely in all of this.

Your overwhelming support, genuine and heartfelt love is more than enough, and DEEPLY felt and appreciated.

But this is a lonely thing. As all human experience, however similar, is lonely. The human condition: lonely while not alone.

And I worry about what people will think of the results. Because expectations – others expectations, because they reflect my own, no matter how well prepared emotionally and physically, no matter how much research has been done, no matter how much you know what to expect when you’re expecting; no matter how much I know this journey is mine and mine alone, and for my happiness and no one else’s.  But, as always, brain knowing is different to and easier than heart knowing.

And all of these feelings are ok.

So, when I’ve processed it and watched the reveal video myself, I’ll share my self with my self and you. Soon. 💜


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