2nd #topsurgery post-op follow-up – All good news! #transgenderhealthcareSouthAfrica

Home from second post-op check up at Helen Joseph hospital.
Drains came out (thank g_d/dess!) and healing well and surgeon, Dr Chauke, says all is on track as expected.
(She commented on my painted nails and nurse said I’m confusing my body. I just laughed and replied, for brevity’s sake, that I’m metrosexual. And I haven’t for a second felt like I’m compromising myself as a nonbinary person. I speak the medical language to get the treatment I need).
Allergic reaction to compression tape healed, minimal swelling and incisions looking good.
Can already see a difference from last week and the wound cleaning from 3 days ago (thank you Nurse Sherene).
Go back in 3 weeks for final check-up. Can’t wet incisions for 4 more weeks… Wetwipe/Facecloth “cleaning” and having someone else wash my hair for 4 more weeks.
But, this is a rebirth. Going to focus on that and the fact that just birthed beings need to be treated with TLC. By my self towards little Germaine S. Gabriel, and from others (allow others to love me without guilt or apologising for breathing! – Gentle self talk).
Happy, exhausted camper in need of TLC. Rest, sleep, don’t pick up 5kg pool chlorine tubs…
(Will write a blog post [BETWEEN REST] on self-care and how I talk myself into non-resting behaviours by telling myself they’re part of my healing).


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