VIDEO: 2 Weeks, 5 days after top surgery: Celebrating my new chapter #nonbinarytransition

YouTube video recorded on the 2nd of April.

  • On celebrating new beginnings, post- top surgery;
  • on the importance of Spoonie celebrations (parties and relationships with boundaries as a person recovering from surgery and a nervous breakdown);
  • on the celebration of the joy of enjoying dressing up for the first time EVER;
  • on being non-binary and celebrating getting back in touch with my femininity now that my body reflects me;
  • on how being non-binary is now more possible now that I’ve been on testosterone for almost 18 months and have had top surgery;
  • on being perceived as a man and how to express non-binary self-love. On ritual and the importance of ritual in self-care and celebrating individuality.

I would never have shared images, let alone videos of myself like this before. Becoming me physically has given me that confidence. But it’s not all happiness. It is possible to have more than one emotion at a time. Please watch the next video (definitely up by Monday).


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