Don’t tell me, any man, trans or not to “man up” #DontBroMe #Feminism #Misandry #Misogyny

Apart from the fact that I am not a man (or a woman)*,  THIS patriarchal “bro”ing, “dude”ing, “bruh”ing has to stop in general – for ALL men.
My queer feminism (as opposed to Germaine Greer feminism), believes that men and women are pushed into oppressive gender roles that buy into the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus bs.
Women enact it on men, men on women, men on each other, women on each other. We internalise misandry as men and lash out with misogyny; we internalise misogyny as women and lash out with misandry.
And that’s even before we get to trans people. Stop it. (This does NOT mean that we need Mens’ Rights Activism – MRAs. Men are not systemically oppressed by women. And women have VERY real reasons to be afraid of men. But I’ve spoken about that before).

* (I am nonbinary: Germaine, sibling, sibs, Fam, family, nibling – mix of nephew and niece – friend, broster – mix of brother and sister – peep, person, G, Gem). And PLEASE ask questions. People are too scared (to offend) or too judgemental (too scared). I will answer questions (this is not true of all trans people). 


And while we’re on the topic, “dude”ing everyone is insensitive to trans people, and a normalisation of misogyny.


One thought on “Don’t tell me, any man, trans or not to “man up” #DontBroMe #Feminism #Misandry #Misogyny

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