3 Weeks post- #topsurgery today! #realtalk about emotions (full video soon)

3 Weeks post- #topsurgery today.

Can’t believe it… Blog post to come tomorrow – The #realtalk emotional journey after top surgery: happiness, relief, knowing that it saved my life, no regrets. Yes, I’m happier post- top surgery.
Is it ALL happiness and betterness? No. Is anything? EVERYTHING in life is complex and filled with complex, contrary emotions.
The contrary to happiness emotions: struggles with dysphoria, feeling disconnected from body and struggling to rest body. For everyone pre- during and post- top surgery. But especially for those with histories/presences of #emotionalabuse, #physicalabuse, #sexualabuse,

#addiction, #PTSD, #selfharm, #eatingdisorders, #autism and other #invisibledisabilities and the #intersectionality of these who dissociate from their bodies and focus on their brains. #dissociative #dissociativedisorder #Recovery is ALWAYS a mind thing (body+brain+soul).


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