VIDEO: About being admitted to psych ward 5 days before my 1-month #topsurgery anniversary #transphobia #mentalhealthstigma

YouTube video: Why I’m being admitted to a psych ward 5 days before my one month top surgery anniversary. And why that’s ok. And why I’ve been too scared to speak about it completely honestly.

Too many people think transitioning, hormones and surgery are a magic wand that make everything better. We don’t speak about post-op depression enough. We don’t speak about the intersectionality between being trans and mental health enough, because of the stigma surrounding both. “Be gentle. You are meeting parts of yourself you have been at war with.”

I’m almost a month post top-surgery, and 18 months on testosterone today. And, in two days’ time being admitted to hospital for my mental health breakdown and complete inability to do the necessary self-care necessary for post-op healing.

I wrote this blog post a few days ago about my hospital admission, and this one about why I have to speak my truth.

Here is the promised video about my psych admission.



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