VIDEO: Home after 20-day Psych Hospitalisation #nervousbreakdown #BPD Video #21

Returned home yesterday evening from my 20-day stay in the psych ward for my nervous breakdown. My complete three-week social media ban did me good.

I will not be re-entering social media world on a full-time basis for quite a while yet; because if I do, I would spend my time justifying my need to self-care, apologising for being human, and worrying about the (mostly non-existent) expectations and criticisms of others, and I have MORE than enough expectations and criticisms from and of myself. “I have enough guilt [and shame and doubt] to start my own religion.”

This is Me Time, Healing Time (always a work in progress), taking in and believing the HUGE amount of love from the HUGE amount of people that love me on and off here, and learning to quiet the critical voices in my head, being unapologetically human and self-caring instead of putting others’ needs ahead of my own.

So, I’m just popping in to say “hi”, I’m home. Thank you for all the love, spoken and unspoken. Vulnerable, but wearing my Superman t-shirt under that all the time. Because I am simultaneously broken and a warrior; simultaneously ok and not ok at the same time. And that is ok. #notetoself

Much love and gratitude, Germaine S. Gabriel S. de Larch
“Finding beauty in negative spaces”

I am contactable here for those who do not have my email or phone number, but please don’t expect immediate responses. Thank you.

* BPD: Borderline Personality Disorder


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Home after 20-day Psych Hospitalisation #nervousbreakdown #BPD Video #21

  1. Hello, friend. I noticed on Instagram that you said you wouldn’t be checking social media, so I’ve been trying to search for your email. I suppose this is it? Either way, I am happy for your return home. My deepest wish is that you find peace during your time away, and know that you are not alone. Sending good vibes always!

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